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Car loans 4 U - Dealers

There are different kinds of car dealers from whom you may by your car with a car loan. Firstly there are franchised dealers who sell new cars. They also sell second hand cars that are not too old (usually not more than two years. The disadavntage with dealing with a main dealer is that their prices tend to be comparitively high. If you are looking to buy a citroen for instance in Workington, then the local dealer is Arnold Clark at Lillyhall. They are the only local garage where you can buy a brand new Citroen, and they also have a range of second hand vehicles. Ideally you would expect a main dealer to give you a high level of service. However online reviews for Arnold Clark Workington are generally not good. See Yelp. Generally it's good to go to a dealer for your car who has a good reputation and good reviews. Maiin dealers will generally try to sell you their own finance packages which will probably be more expensive.

You could then try a local garage that only sell used cars. These garages can vary but along established local garage with a good reputation is probably your best bet. They will help you with your car loan from Zuto or other car loan lender and will give you a warranty as well. Most car loans organisations prefer that you buy from alocal dealer than from a private individual. Car finance prices are very cheap at the moment and these small dealers rely on people getting loans to help them to keep moving their stock.