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Car Loan 4 U
I'm quite a cynical person so when I read the reviews and read the 4 easy steps I thought there has to a catch. It cant be that simple let me tell you it is that simple. (The staff) are professional, polite,courteous and made sure that my application was dealt with quickly and efficiently. You just have to try this service it is amazing

Wheels 4 Sure
I cannot stress how easy, professional and stress free the service I received was from start to finish. It was superb. The car is fantastic and I have nothing but praise for the process from start to finish. The staff were polite, friendly and always dealt with queries immediately. I have to admit that there is nothing I can say that I did not like about the experience it was all so effortless which is rare nowadays.

Loans 4 You
The Loans 4 You website seems to give you some sensible advice - don't borrow more than you can afford, try to save for your purchase rather than taking out a costly loan and to make sure you shop around for the best deal. Good solid commonsense. No complaints here!

Zopa Loans
This is one of the best ways to get a car loan - there rates are often lower than banks or building societies and there customer service is second to none - I checked out their reviews first. They are a peer to peer lender and much better than getting scammed by pay day lenders. Be aware though that you can only make one application so make sure when you fill in their form you complete it for the exact car loan that you require. Also they seem to take more notice of your actual finacial situation (by reviewing your bank accounts) than proof of employment.

Car Loans for you reviews